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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

too tired to capitalise

Trigger trigger what's NOT a trigger

Hectares ( ok maybe just acres) of emotional minefields

It's impressive/depressing how fast my dominant emotion can change. I guess therein lays the provenance of "emotional roulette" (with a generous underpinning of the Russian kind, woohoo, triple entendre!). Wheel                 of              

I'm so fucking tired right now. I need to sleep, why won't my effing brain let me just sleep, just one night for a change. The only med I still take is (insert opening salvo here) -pam and for all the good is does me...

I think pharmaceutical companies are focussed on numbing people out (aka silencing them) instead of actually developing truly curative aka beneficial drugs. Cheaper to go for the numbing I guess. Our world is such an unholy mess, massive racism once again at the fore as the horn of Africa is dealt yet another (still) drought, another1/2 million children goners. Holocausts every 6 months really. Are people just too tired to care? Or is that too generous a sentiment? How about: people do not care.

I know I'm all over the place but it's just that I'm all over the place. Can't conjure up some poemy thing tonight. Just tired.

Took 1.0 of ____ pam. We'll see.


  1. I go back and forth on the medication debate in my own head alot. I am on pam and have been since last winter. And I am on Lexapro I just went down from 20 to 10 I've questioning being on the lexapro... the debate goes on. I do sleep now though for the most part. I hope your getting some sleep or can.

  2. I woke up once in the night, then slept with no headache this morning yeah!!! Thanks Heather!