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Friday, August 26, 2011

Short-winded Clonazepam Experimentation Saga-ette

Previous 2 nights 1.0 clonazepam
& prev 2 mornings migraines with a generous side of nausea
& 222s
& constipation
 = .5 pam and hope for no migraine

being tired beats being tired and migranular.

I have impressively inrageous (not righteous) anger - it does not flare, it lashes out like a cobra.

How It Happens (aka subject change)

Tiredness sucks light out of everything. Tiredness digs deep, dark, slippery-sided holes. Not tunnels, tunnels imply a way out or through. Holes.

Tiredness increases vulnerability leaves only tight spaces for choices. Vision impairs and gets impaired. Dubious behaviours.

Hard choices are harder, sliding away appeals.
My crying makes everything that much more slippery.

Doom likes to keep its options open.

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