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Monday, August 22, 2011

Bits and Jack Layton

Back from a  walk, have been wanting to write all the time, just let stuff out, get it out. I am sad to hear that one of our best and brightest Canadians died this morning from cancer, Jack Layton, what a loss - there needs to be another word for loss. I hope his family has a lot of support around them and I hope people learn from his very fine examples.


  1. It's good you are feeling like you want to write all of the time- it is very good just to let stuff out- just to get stuff out. For me the writing has never been the difficult part- the getting myself out of my own way has always been where the struggle is/was.

    Love to you.


  2. Thanks again Jenny, you are such a source of strength to me, take care

  3. "Let the shit out!" That is what me and Jen say to eachother sometimes:)---I know how you feel. I hope you are able to do just that Hillary!--sending you much love.