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Saturday, June 7, 2014

On my way

so much better. although a migraine is plodding out of my head.

Met with an incredibly authentic, kind, gracious, brilliant woman at UVic who has agreed to be one of my PhD supervisers. Such an overwhelming feeling of gratitiude. I felt not only heard, but seen. Being seen and welcomed aboard is so very validating, although the term validating is inadequate to express how I felt while speaking with her.

I immediately wrote to another prof who said no but who encouraged me to contact some other folks. Which reminds me I may have a "cross" referral there too! Better get to it.

After this emboldening, heartening experience, I  could feel all of the other recent crap just float away in its mediocrity and smallness. Sigh.

Feeling a lot less obsessed over fb.  I am so relieved, a very powerful addiction for me, I realise I would never be able to use it in a healthy way. I am better off blogging and emailing and skyping and telephoning and writing. And walking!

I am so thankful that I have had these recent reminders of what happiness can feel like, and I know more clearly now what got me there. I think definitely the more intensive exercise and getting serious about my diet.

So let's go...

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