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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

7 Billion Weak

There's so much hate in the world, it's a poisonous noxious substance permeating everything , I think perhaps the worst poison afflicting our environment, the most harmful to our ecosystem(s), because of quiescence hatred incites, the wilful ignorance, the hurt at the root of all this malice and ignor-ing. We are all capable of acts of viciousness and equally of breathtaking compassion. Some say it is harder to choose to be kind, but someone recently suggested to me that the harder path is to respond in hatred because of the long-term impact and deleterious health consequences. That gave me pause. Yet still we go to what we know, and if our lives have been infused with lethal words and acts, vice love, there really is no surprise what many of us choose. We most often go with the immediate gratification, or at least it seems to me, the action, the behaviour that gets us what we want in that split second, it is in the rest of the second that our remorse sets in and if the remorse is too big, then in justification and hatred seeps and is nourished and nurtured and blossoms. And today the earth is 7 billion weak.

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