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Sunday, July 17, 2011

No animals will be harmed

If my skin can heal - so can my brain. if my bones can heal, so can my brain. I saw my dad's heart in 1999, it was building new arteries and veins all by itself to create its own bypass. Fuck the psychiatrists and their fucking drugs. This is my TED talk. Move over woman who healed herself from a massive stroke (ok good for you and way to go, etc) - I'm making myself a project, I am testing my own theory. I am conducting my own research - participant observation. I will not test on animals, this is my ethical standard. I believe my brain can heal itself, and it can do it better without SSRIs and SNRIs to tell it to shut down any of its NATURAL processes. Clearly that has not worked, and has not worked so successfully that I have deteriorated, so I am trying something new (something old). I have to detox first to  get the pharmaceutical shit out of my system and then I am moving on. I am not going to wait for some genius to "scientifically" (Bullshit) prove that I am right. I know I'm right. It is going to work. There. Catch up later geniuses.


  1. Ted!!!!
    Sorry, can't help but giggle over part of this. I can SO see your dad saying stuff like this.
    I'm with ya on the "this ain't working, try something else" theory.... but have Ken or somebody have an eye on you, just in case things get worse and you don't realize it. BE CAREFUL.

  2. I have a friend named Sarah who recently started a blog full of things that make her happy. Check it out!