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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Cousin Cathy

life on the muskoka river

This is my cousin's blog. Wonderful writing, with lots of "didn't see that coming" twists.

A new, old friend of mine was talking about the magic of childhood friendships. Cathy and I spent so much time together as wee ones. Drawing, playing, she introduced me to Frampton Comes Alive - a classic amongst classics. We drew comics and pretended we were spies, we wrote letters back and forth that were addressed to planets and such, back when no one's suspicion would be aroused and thus we wouldn't be seen as a threat to national security.

Magical friends that's what we were and it turns out, still are. It's good to reconnect with her. And I can't wait for her next Friday Flash!


  1. "Spies Incorporated!" Of course!
    I'm sure, during your stint in the military, that S.I. came up... I'm sure you were asked to investigate. And I'm positive that, no matter how much they tortured you with duct tape and chocolate fudge cake with homemade icing that you didn't crack.
    Cause that's the kind of cool spy you are.
    By the way, my new husband is so much younger than me (not that I'm gloating, but I am) that he didn't know who Peter Frampton was.
    I. Kid. You. Not.

  2. WHAT????????

    Oh man, this is indeed disturbing news. Hmmm...must think...can't write...