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Friday, July 23, 2010

Throw me a bone - back!

Argh, my back is unhappy! Not good. Want to write feel a tad druggy.

My lame-ass back
has me laidback in the sack
comfort looks like food
So bring on the snax

Spinal, bone-ill,
I can't tell which
part it is
back is a bitch

my belly is jelly
abdominal's abominable
six pack my ass
my back's ass is grass

muscle kerfuffle
waffle snuffle uffagas
it even hurts
when I try to pass gas

Skoobie doobie poo
my spine is unglued
this poem sucks
I need help dude!

there goes the sun
can't feel my bum
and I say
it's alright....

Thank you

1 comment:

  1. Whatever those drugs are, can you send 'em my way?
    I'd love to not be able to feel my bum.