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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sister Wendy shaves her head - a poem

Hair to the front of her
Hair on her neck
Straight sides, curly back
Heifer...what the heck?

A life devoted to others
Saving them from bad choice
She answers the call from Cancer
"Take that" in her kindest voice

She'll give all her hair
She's done it once before
But this time she 'd better get
more sunscreen from the store

She looks good in hats
She looks good without
I wished she liked cats
But I digress...

All my sisters make me proud
My parents and brothers too
Sister Wendy shaved her head
To help others, so can you

You can help fight cancer too! Donate to cancer research through Wendy's site


  1. She's a poet and now everyone knows it!


    Love the evil scientist

  3. Thanks Kelly. That's a great poem. I appreciate it very much. You are talented. Love Wendy