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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Microphone blog

This morning I'm tired but I feel better than I did when I wrote yesterday's post time on a roller coaster I guess I'm speaking my blog just as an experiment definitely feel strange thing physically typing somehow more satisfying when I was in my teens I wrote pages and pages of a journal I wish I still had them but then I think just just to wonder about if I have that things have changed for me but I think I was worried that maybe they haven't so maybe it's better people say not to look back. I'm also experimenting with this method to see if I actually speak English and if my microphone understands me so it's interesting makes me laugh a little bit like I have so much to say but not enough of the right words I wish I didn't feel depressed I wish I didn't eat weird stuff I know I feel alone and empty and I seek comfort seek to comfort my hurting in yourself maybe maybe the recent struggles are signs that my feelings are coming out more and being hurt hurt sorry heard and it's just time and maybe I'll feel better once out.

I think I prefer to type my blogs it's more satisfying this is an interesting experiment and it is good to know is available to me


  1. Hey, anything that makes you laugh is worth it.

    What weird things, exactly, are you eating? I'm mowing down some dill pickle chips and coffee right now.. is that weird?

    1. Thanks for reading, i find this blogging business a double-edged something or other (sword doesn't work cause it's just all bad unless I'm the one wielding it). I don't think anything is weird. I guess I's eating a lot of sugary fatty things just to fill my voids, instead of expressing the feelings there.
      I love dill pickle chips!
      Thanks for being so much of what is good in my world, you help me so much. I love you.