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Sunday, April 1, 2012

A hunting I will go...

Lots of stuff has gone by, happens there's lots to write about when one hasn't blogged for many moons. sadness, anger, tiredness, verification/validation of the theory that me being tired + me being more vulnerable to triggers. Being pre-menopausal (unsure how pre) my periods are non-periodic. And heavy. so much blood loss, I found myself pondering the cultural impact on this regular bloodletting on women. And health too, is menstruation also a regular detox? a regular test of our bodies ability to regenerate? Curious. Powerful stuff to contemplate. Anyhoo.
Working on socialising, reaching out remaining astounded/impressed with the resilience and intensity of my depression. Talking with friends about our inner critics (I called it our inner terrorist) wondering  how to hear it better, I was thinking that I needed to go looking for it in order to train myself to detect it. So a hunting I will go.
I am making some nice connections, taking more risks (relatively anyway) socially.
Have connected with the neuro feedback clinic and will be starting there soonish I guess, curiouser and curiouser.
Still drifting, blowing with the wind. All the while..

Peace and kindness to all those who suffer - it is where we meet.

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