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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I am to Toast as Altogether Morris is to Hammy Hamster.

I see a psychologist pretty often and it is a place of safety and trust. I talk, I cry a lot, and she shakes her head at my penchant for self-subversion. She is kind and insightful.

It wasn't shaping up to be a challenging day but then I got into the heavy duty stuff and I've been toast for the day. It's incredible how draining it is. Where is my frickin' cheese!

I love to sing, I sometimes still have hope/dream that I could be a singer in my own band, or just have a someone to accompany me. I love to perform and am a big hammy hamster. Altogether Morris is an inspiration for me, he doesn't care what people think, he just rolls out of his little cedar chip nestbed with his omnidirectional hair and plays his tiny little rodent heart out. Who the heck was the first person who discovered hamsters and guinea pigs? Oh yeah I was takin' a swig out of the local waterhole this morning and check out this little whisker, sniffy and chompin' action by the bullrushes, a gaggle of little furry potatoes that squeak. Might kinda put you off your starches.

I am tenuously hopeful that some day I can move through this deeply, deeply entrenched conviction that I must everyday, by my actions, earn the right to live. It's crazy that I believe this, when I have so much to be thankful for, so many reasons to live, people who love me in this world where billions of people scrap it out everyday just to live. I think I sound arrogant it's too easy to get caught up in this downward spiral. I want to feel grateful, to have a grateful heart, but instead the sadness, the guilt, consume me. I never feel I am doing enough, to help people. There are so many people in my life who are always helping others, being thoughtful, sensitive to others. I just get overwhelmed and freeze in inaction. I'd like to feel useful.

Yep, just another uplifting blog from yours truly.

Peace everyone.


  1. Hey Hammy
    Another off the chart blog. I can hear you saying each word. You are fortunate but if you don't really believe it in your heart it is kinda useless. I hope and potentially pray you come to realize what a gem you are.
    Hey, what is that art work? I don't think I've seen it before. I for one am having artist's block. I can't seem to start. I was browsing some magazines for inspiration. Nothing.
    The end. Love SR

  2. Hey there has been no activity for awhile. Are you ok?
    Are you out there?
    Love SR

  3. Hey,
    Where are you?

  4. HI Hammy. I too can hear every word you say and do have trouble comprehending. I wish I had a magic wand.......Love you. Dakota

  5. I prefer truth over uplifting every time.

    1. thank you for connecting missrobin, truth is better.