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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

PSYCH! or rather SNAP!

Just got a call from the clinic, no Dr. Passey in this week, thus my case was not discussed, thus one more week until my "case" is discussed.


I am now blogging for health central, the latest is Anxiety, Depression and PTSD . Guess I'll just go between in an alternating type fashion.


  1. I double that crappity-crap and see you an extra crap. Well, fingers crossed for Dr. Passey next week.. hopefully he doesn't give you a 'pass' then, too!

  2. I just read your post over at Health Central. Congratulations on the new forum! What, are we supposed to brush our teeth more than once every two weeks? Pffffffttt.... LOL

  3. You are my soulmate!!!!!

    Thanks Cath!

  4. Double that congratulations on the new forum - what is it? I hope it gives many more people the chance to read your beautiful, searing, healing words. And for you to receive additional support. I appreciate your writing so much, though I'm not happy to see you suffering, sharing eases the pain a little bit. Good luck with all your re-evaluations,,, I hope something positive comes of it for you.

  5. Thank you Jessica. I hope so too, I hope for us all that more positive comes. Take care

  6. Kudos to you for your voice at Health Central! :-)

    You've been through a lot ... you're in my thoughts. What a winter it's been, eh ...

    Be well xo