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Monday, March 7, 2011


A very dear family friend, my 5th sister, is extremely ill. The likely not coming back kind of ill. Everyone who knows her is currently going through all manner of shock/grief response. Me, I don't feel anything.I think I'm in serious lockdown mode. I feel like a horrid freak. There is no reason not to feel anything. And I don't think I am in shock or anything like that.

It's not about me.

Please live Jane, we're even not remotely prepared to say goodbye. You are a gracious, hilarious, beautiful woman. Please live.


  1. OH wow, so sorry to hear this. And yah, you probably are in shock. Worried about Victoria, now Jane - plus coping with your own issues: it's just too much to deal with sometimes. Probably a little bit of denial as well. The other thing, living so far away, doesn't life elsewhere seem a little surreal sometimes?
    Besides, we always push away really bad news. It's how we cope.

  2. LIfe can be so surreal, you got it. I just observe from a distance most of the time. Thanks for your love and support Cath, you help me SO much.
    Have a really great week!