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Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Picture is Worth...etc.

Couldn't recall if I'd posted this before.
A little of me - a little of others.


  1. Hillary~ I needed a reminder of this big time, PTSD is not My fault. I'm having a cave day, that's what I refer to for my days of high avoidance now:). It feels good to connect with someone else who understands.

  2. Hey Heather thanks for connecting, I'm an avid cave-dayer myself. I tell people all the time that I live in a cave (that is, when I actually speak to people).
    I does feel good to connect, thank you for reaching out.

    Keep well.


  3. I'm going to start calling them cave days! I love it. It makes the retreat sound primeval, seeking shelter in the most basic way.