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Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Good Day with a little Jeeves and Wooster

This morning we awoke to a clean cover of snow. Everything always looks so lovely, it's always nice that first snow that stays. We usually don't get snow out here in Nov - the ski hill will be busy I am sure. I went out and shook the heavy snow off of the various shrubs - the twigs and smaller branches have a predilection for snapping off beneath the snow's deceptive weight. Would that there was some reliable mental shaking that could remove the heaviness.

Although, today is a pretty good day. I got two wheelbarrows of wood, laundered, sorted some camping clothes and worked out whilst watching another episode of "Jeeves and Wooster" I find it quite charming. Hilarious too. I can barely keep up to the banter between Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry. They are each adept at physical comedy, Fry of course brilliant in his subtleties. Laurie is definitely channelling John Cleese. I recommend this show. I watch it while I work out - spontaneous guffawing ensues. I've been trying to workout on a regular basis, it does help me feel better, kind of charges me up for the day.

The snow and cold are wonderful. There is so much oxygen outside!! I inhale deeply and it courses through me suffusing the scar tissue with healing.

I've been making more art, I feel steadier about it now, even excited, so this is good. Tomorrow I meet a friend for a long walk - also good.

Laughter is such a tonic. Goodness abounds.


  1. Yay! I wish we had snow here. The cold and gray seeps into me and all I do is sleep. Winter without snow is a small death for me.
    Is Jeeves and Wooster a tv show? Or can I buy it online?
    Yay for you working out! I wish I could make myself.
    When/where can I see your art?

  2. Hi Jessica - I know what you mean, I come from eastern Canada where there's never a lack of snow, it isn't winter if there is no snow.

    Jeeves and Wooster is a British show from 1990 or so, set in the 1920s. I would imagine it can be bought online, it really is fun. Very white of course, but most things are.
    You are outside a lot I think, walking, making your art, it's all worthwhile for your spirit.
    My website is http// the link is at the top left of my blog. Thanks for asking.

    How are you?

  3. I've never seen *Jeeves and Wooster* ... My bad ... but I am a big Monty Python fan!

    I must check it out though -- Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry!!

    If you like to read, get a hold of Fry's novel *Making History* -- It is brilliantly speculative, with all the Fry (dry, wry...) wit ...

    Glad to read that you had a pretty ordinary day --> laundry, sorting stuff, watching a fave show that makes you laugh. Don't you love ordinary days? I do ... precisely because they're ordinary :-)

    Huge thanks for all your kind words at my blog, Hillary ...

    Be well :-)

  4. Ordinary is grand! Thank you Jaliya, enjoy J&W, I will check out Fry's book, I love him! You be well too!