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Saturday, November 20, 2010

All About Swarm and the Will - written in September

This is the companion video I sent with Swarm II to Beijing in an effort to explain. Not a great video quality wise, but the bees are spot on!

Art is such therapy for me and so is nature - especially tides. Tides are entirely reliable, they come in they go out. When we lose our foundations and call everything into question, tides offer hope for new trustworthy foundations.

There are many more examples in nature that perpetuate the the idea of will. Will to live will to live, despite voices telling us otherwise. Finding that stopper finding our personal barricades against self-harm. The days of despair mock our will. Our will patiently waits out despair and vice versa.

Whoopsie, not able to attach video, maybe i can make a link to it


  1. I love and appreciate your writing so much! Would it be OK to quote you on my blog? Or maybe better to just put a link... your description of the tides helps explain why I find it so strengthening to walk on the beach at different times of day. Seeing how confused my dog gets... 'but I just ran through this spot earlier today, and now it's gone!' But it will be back tomorrow.

  2. Thank you!! Thank you.I am thankful for you and your writing a well. It is so nice for me to hear your encouragement. Quote away!! I don't worry about who said what first too much , when you think about it, it's all been said by someone before someone else, there is no ultimate author methinks! I am getting a puppy soon, I can't wait to introduce him to the beach!