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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Such a waste.

So the MAOI effort was a bust.  I'm weaned off. Just clonazepam for sleep. Spent all day numb  but after dog walk feelings surfacing, as they do.  This flat nothing is awful. Like I'm a piece of wood. Don't feel human, and yet a part of me registers this as strange so I am not operating at normal capacity. It turns out it's likely no one has an effing clue why depression and PTSD are. I mean they can be described, pretty accurately but the mechanism and, crucially, WHY seems to have eluded us all. The research on medication efficacy is apparently sketchy, thank you for that you money grabbing fuckers for the past varied 16 years.

Nope, still numb.

I have been thinking about cutting more. Haven't. Still pick and pull off strips of skin though (currently my feet are healed). So what's the difference?

Such a waste.

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