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Friday, February 24, 2012

George Takei...a pretty funny guy

my mood is plummeting, I don't know why, I've been for 2 walks today, lots of those much lauded negative ions about crashing against the shore, found some beach treasure, alas, no avail. I am considering whether yesterday morning's uber high has demanded payback and the sub-axis dip is merely restoring balance.


just plodding along, not accomplishing much, lots of ideas with none of that all important transition to action. Or perhaps it's more of a mutation at this point, so irregular, unseemly even, not my most recent usual.

I have to say it was a very big high. Large. Writ large, even, with possibility. So much so that  mistakenly ascribed said situation all manner of redemptive attributes.


So it is said.

On another note, George Takei is a pretty funny guy.


  1. He is, isn't he? I love the cat that looks like Martin Scorcese.

  2. Hi Hillary, I'm sorry to hear that your mood has plummeted. I'm curious - have you ever watched the show "Impractical Jokers"? You can get some of the shows on youtube, and they are absolutely hilarious. I know they won't make the pain go away, but you might get a few laughs out of them. I hope you begin to feel better soon.

    1. Thanks WWF, I have been watching a lot of funny, stuff, it does feel good I'll give the 'jokers' a whirl, thanks for your support and love and ideas! Take care, xo

  3. I just spent the last couple hours reading your blogs. Such courageous honesty, raw pain and struggle. Not that long ago my psychologist said to me that she just wanted to honour how much effort, determination and fight it took sometimes for me to just survive the day ... just to make sure I got another day on this earth. I heard that same battle in some of your writings and I felt very sad that you are in that place at times too. I know we've lost touch over the years but don't think for a moment that that means that I have forgotten about you. In a number of ways, we have walked a parallel path and I really do feel able to hear and hold your story. I know what it is like to want people in your life ... close by ... and then want to be totally alone and in your own bubble, safe and protected. And I will always respect where you are in that process because you alone know what you need at any given point in time. I would however like to invite you to make contact with me if that feels like it would be helpful in any way. I don't have any real answers ... lots of questions just like you ... but I feel a bond with you that is very very strong. My email is I will definitely respect and accept any decision you make about making contact ... all I will say is that I would be honoured to share part of your journey with you. Take care and live your own truth. Kim D.