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Friday, April 29, 2011

Magma of Sadness, Boundary Sine Waves and What's the Big Deal with Crying

I'm just easing out of a large crying jag - spillover desperation and frustration with puppy and triggers abound. I feel so very little sometimes, I think maybe the age i was when I first felt fear and violation. Because I feel so helpless and vulnerable, and my adult self feels so angry at all of this, things that hurt me, things that hurt others, it seems like I just feel it all indiscriminately - must be the wide open/clamped shut boundary sine wave  going on. It's why I stay home and cave it, as a comrade blogger so aptly puts it.

I spent many many years not crying, making myself not cry- no doubt a legacy of the "Don't cry or I'll give you something to cry about" mantra. Thus ensued this stoicism that I carried for years, a shallow toughness, industrial strength on the outside but a magma of sadness (new James Bond movie title) seething (sorry, counter intuitive) beneath. People have told me over and over again how strong I am/appear, I have been placed in leadership roles by volunteer or upsurge. How did they not see the fear? People are mostly feeling their own feelings and too busy worrying about themselves. My stoicism soon deteriorated into numbness. Now, today, all of those obstructed feelings want acknowledgment, and they do not share and do not cooperate. They prefer to exist as a horde.

Sometime I wonder if all these attempts to create community (of 2 or 9 billion) are fruitless, maybe why so many of us feel buttressed with yearning -  a fragile state. Maybe we are just all alone and attempts to share our lives with others are doomed. I feel so alone, so often, I hope others don't feel this way, it's crippling.

OK, I've stopped crying now. Maybe I'll watch some royal wedding, I just care about the outfits.


  1. Kelly this is Heather I am adding your blog to Cycle of healing blog list and catching up. Multitasking :) I love the way you write, honest poetic... The numbness, the needing to be numb it's hard it's almost like I get so overloaded I just shut off. And I don't feel like I exactly have control over the numbness.

  2. Thank you Heather. It's so strange to feel so out of control of our own minds and bodies. I'm starting a new med in a couple weeks, hopefully it will help more. Thank you for starting this new blog. It helps me to hear that others experience the same or similar feelings. It does feel better to be writing again, most times I can't even do that .i try to be grateful for things I can still do.

    Take care and thank you for your compassion.
    Kel XO