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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Time for a Poem - and made-up words

I see a therapist
I talk
she listens
She appears to get the gist

Analyzing dreams
the night terrors that cling
trying to find the incongruous thing, in a mass of incongruity
therapy is not remotely new
to me

guilt persists
as does memory
dreams rife with metaphor

"oh no" says my brain
"I won't even make this easy.
You're to be harrowed
and confounded"

"It's come from the very top"

Not my best, when I start thesaurisizing (see post-title) I lose the mark (and, it would appear, the font).

It does help, to talk, but it also seems very indulgent. Yet I will listen, it was what I was best at, really hearing. A finely honed survival skill that served me in my efforts to serve others (wow, THAT sounded really phoney humble want to be a hero - I am revealed!).

I have always - and continue to - had fantasies about being a hero, about being famous. But here's the rub - if I ever was, I wouldn't believe it, cause I don't believe anything goodly to be attributable this soul that is moi - hero by accident.

Ok, I don't like this. Bye


  1. When people talk about you, as they do at family gatherings (I always ask, how is she?), they invariably say wonderful things about you. How talented you are, how nice you are, how they wish they could be more like you. It's all true. I can imagine you were a hero to all the people you have helped. You're mine, anyway.

  2. Thank for your kindness across the miles - I hope you are kind to you too. I tried to help, it's all I ever really wanted to do.Thanks for caring.